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188比分直播网 has made concerted efforts to align its R&D focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance. 学生们 and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of science and engineering. The institute has ongoing academic and research collaborations with many national and international universities, governments and industries in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments; it is also constantly in touch with national needs. Its pre-eminent position at the cutting-edge of research is reflected in its impressive list of research projects, which cater to both our national needs and global developments.

One of the key goals of the institute is to provide an ambience in which higher studies and research thrives among the students and the faculty. Along with fundamental research, many R&D projects offer opportunities to tackle "€˜live"€™ problems. Its commitment to merge education with the creation of knowledge provides a fertile setting for productive research, which has led to a range of scientific and technological achievements.